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Label Promo

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Label Promo

There comes a time in the life of most any band when they have to consider partnering with a label for distribution.  Regardless of the reason (we won’t go into that here,) we thought we would give you guys a glimpse of what it takes to put a complete promo pack together.


After reading several articles online and looking over promo materials we had sent out in the past, we decided to include the following items in our latest promo package.

Written Documents

  • Cover Letter
  • Bio
  • Press
  • Partnerships

Other Stuff

  • 8×10 Band Photo
  • A copy of Earthshaker, our album
  • Stickers
  • Business cards

Rather than tell you if these choices were good, we’ll wait and see what kind of response we get out of them.  There is a lot of advice on the internet but very little of it seems to be based on real-world experience.  So, if we get signed, we’ll let you know!

Of course, to make our package stand out, we went and found the least-”metal” envelope we could possibly sticket in and drew a Warlock guitar on the front of it with a sharpie.  We find it hard to believe that they will be able to resist opening up this bad boy.

Round Two

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Round Two

Work has continued diligently, as I have now stayed up until 3am for the third night in a row working on this website.  Since the first update, I have made several significant changes.  These include:


I chose our classic logo that we’ve been using since the beginning.  All that was needed was to add a slight drop shadow effect in Photoshop to make it “pop” like the rest of the text built into the template.  


When working with graphics files, request your artwork in “vector” format so that it can be re-sized without penalty to the image quality, transform the image to the proper size, and export in the right format. For graphics without a lot of different colors, choose .PNG – for graphics/photos with lots of varying colors, choose .JPG


I’ve added oodles of content since day one, including our Bio, a few pictures of the band members, and several pages.

Widgets, Oh My!

Enjoying the twitter feed, tour dates, store link, and “Follow Us!” buttons on the bottom of the screen?  Say hello to widgets – one of WordPress’ handiest features.  With next to no coding, I was able to find free widgets to make all of that magic happen.  Be sure to check out Twitter Wings for the twitter feed.

New Beginnings

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New Beginnings

At long last, we are finally ready to have a website all to ourselves!  In the interest of being…well…interesting (and also to satisfy our guitarist’s technomassochistic ways), we’ve decided to build the website ourselves and document the entire process so that our brothers-in-arms (that is, other bands) can hopefully read about what we did and learn, most importantly, what not to do.


For starters, we’re hosting our site with BlueHost, using the Content Management System.  We did that for the following reasons:

  • Templates – there are THOUSANDS of templates available for WordPress sites.  That means we have way less coding to worry about and can just focus on making it pretty and, most importantly, coming up with great content for our fans.
  • Easy to Update – using a CMS means our whole band can contribute to the site without having to know how to program
  • Support – WordPress is incredibly popular so they keep it updated

Makin’ it Purdy

We won’t go into to many details just yet, but we will tell you about the template company we’ve gone with. offers access to somewhere around 75 themes/templates for $39.  We purchased a subscription and chose a theme called TheStyle.  We’ll post later on about why we made that choice.

Stay Tuned!

This is just the first of many posts!  We’re going to try to post an update every time we make significant changes to the site so you’ll stay in the loop and be able to follow us on this journey.  Oh, watch this video, laugh, and try to figure out where the name of the post came from: