Round Two Aug22


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Round Two

Work has continued diligently, as I have now stayed up until 3am for the third night in a row working on this website.  Since the first update, I have made several significant changes.  These include:


I chose our classic logo that we’ve been using since the beginning.  All that was needed was to add a slight drop shadow effect in Photoshop to make it “pop” like the rest of the text built into the template.  


When working with graphics files, request your artwork in “vector” format so that it can be re-sized without penalty to the image quality, transform the image to the proper size, and export in the right format. For graphics without a lot of different colors, choose .PNG – for graphics/photos with lots of varying colors, choose .JPG


I’ve added oodles of content since day one, including our Bio, a few pictures of the band members, and several pages.

Widgets, Oh My!

Enjoying the twitter feed, tour dates, store link, and “Follow Us!” buttons on the bottom of the screen?  Say hello to widgets – one of WordPress’ handiest features.  With next to no coding, I was able to find free widgets to make all of that magic happen.  Be sure to check out Twitter Wings for the twitter feed.