New Beginnings Aug20


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New Beginnings

At long last, we are finally ready to have a website all to ourselves!  In the interest of being…well…interesting (and also to satisfy our guitarist’s technomassochistic ways), we’ve decided to build the website ourselves and document the entire process so that our brothers-in-arms (that is, other bands) can hopefully read about what we did and learn, most importantly, what not to do.


For starters, we’re hosting our site with BlueHost, using the Content Management System.  We did that for the following reasons:

  • Templates – there are THOUSANDS of templates available for WordPress sites.  That means we have way less coding to worry about and can just focus on making it pretty and, most importantly, coming up with great content for our fans.
  • Easy to Update – using a CMS means our whole band can contribute to the site without having to know how to program
  • Support – WordPress is incredibly popular so they keep it updated

Makin’ it Purdy

We won’t go into to many details just yet, but we will tell you about the template company we’ve gone with. offers access to somewhere around 75 themes/templates for $39.  We purchased a subscription and chose a theme called TheStyle.  We’ll post later on about why we made that choice.

Stay Tuned!

This is just the first of many posts!  We’re going to try to post an update every time we make significant changes to the site so you’ll stay in the loop and be able to follow us on this journey.  Oh, watch this video, laugh, and try to figure out where the name of the post came from: